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This code generator will create MTGOTraders links and Gatherer hover links for cards that will be found between brackets []. For example if you put "I first picked [Jace, the Mind Sculptor]." it will make a hover over Jace. The text you should input is HTML code including the brackets (on PureMTGO click on 'Source' and copy what is in there). A test file can be downloaded here

After you generate the links, copy the styles (CSS to copy) and put them at the beginning of the article, followed by HTML to copy. Note that if you already have copied styles from one of my deck generators to PureMTGO editor, do not copy the styles from here! (PureMTGO editor has a cool feature that deletes the links if it finds duplicate styles, don't ask me why that happens, I have no idea. I recommend always checking if your article is fine before submitting.)

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